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"The Rake" is simply the fee that poker rooms charge for running the poker game. The  poker room, or "house", automatically removes this fee from each pot during the course of every game of poker that is played.

Poker sites typically  take 5% of every

hand/pot that is played...

The max taken from each pot in most cases is $3.00.
This fee is commonly referred to as "The Rake".

We recommend Full Tilt Poker Accounts because we expect Full Tilt to become MORE of a "fish tank".

FullTilt 27% Rakeback
If you take advantage of this offer now, you will be locked into the 27% rakeback.

PLUS get the 100% deposit bonus of up to $600.00.

This is the highest advertised Rakeback that you can get through FullTilt period, No need to look elsewhere


Where do WE fit in to this?

The poker rooms pay us a portion of the rake to bring in new players, we are an "affiliate", a paid marketer. WE in turn take the majority of what we are paid by the rooms and return it to the player in the form of rakeback.




pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator

Are YOU getting RakeBack yet?

You should be...


 Begin by choosing the room(s) where you would like to receive rakeback.  Send us an email by clicking the room listings on the right. 

OR go directly to our

RakeUpdate landing page

Once you make contact,  you will receive an email from support within 24 hours.  The email will contain instructions on how to create your new account and start making back the money that you deserve to get back.

After the initial email, you have 1 week to sign up. If you don't sign up, you will be sent a reminder. If you still don't sign up 1-2 days later, we send you a 24 hour update notice. If after that, you haven't signed up, we delete you from the system.

If you wish to sign-up after that, you need to email us again for a new code. Basically you have 10-12 days to sign up from the initial contact.

Once you are signed up and make your first real money deposit, you will receive your own personal login and password at Rakeupdate.

(You will be able to change the password at your first login.)

You may then check the status of your earnings 24/7. You may cash out the rake you have earned back anytime and check your status on the Monthly Gross Revenue Cash Prize contests there as well.

After your initial sign-up, if you would like rakeback accounts at different rooms just let us know by emailing us at rakekiller again, we will send new instructions for each room in a separate email.

We will never have, nor will we ever ask for your password
information at the poker room (s) where you are playing.
We will need to know your screen name in order to set-up your tracking account to which only YOU will have the password.

Our only other temporary connection to you is the sign-up code or link that you are sent, which is provided to us by the poker room. By signing up with the code/link, the poker site itself tracks the gross revenue you have generated for them and sends that figure to us. We then simply calculate what you have earned back for the month from the final MGR figure they show us and deposit it in your rakeupdate account.

You may cash out to Neteller, or by transfer into your players account at your poker room of choice.

Try your own calculations at


Our program is 100% free to join, there are never any fees or costs to join or remain in the program, ever. You start earning back money the first hand you play.

Our system is totally automated. Send us an email ( or just "click" on a room banner above) to let us know which rakeback program you are interested in joining.

No minimum MGR/rake requirements to qualify for these top rates.
Daily updates
24/7 support
Cash out/get paid anytime.

You won't find better rakeback deals anywhere... because we work for and our system is managed by one of the biggest rakeback programs anywhere...Rakeupdate. There is no need for concern as to how legitimate this system is, We are well known through-out the online poker industry. If what we tell you isn't don't play, and we don't make money.

Why give most of it back? Volume, simple as that, we make a point(1%) sometimes two, you get the rest. By offering the best rates, we attract more players. We can offer the best rates BECAUSE of the sheer volume of players that we bring to the rooms...they give us a little bit more than they would any normal affiliate, that is our edge. You make a lot, we make a little.


pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator


What are the steps to get started?

Direct sign-up
Our landing page allows you to sign-up for any or all the rooms listed here... And contains an explanation of the simple three-step process or click the room name to email us

Rooms and Rates we offer:


FullTilt Poker

27% + up to $600 bonus


Poker Heaven

(boss network)

30% + 150% up to $600 Bonus


Ultimate Bet

27% + 111% BONUS up to $1100.00


Absolute Poker

30% + 150 % Bonus

+ up to $500 added



SUN Poker

Up to 60% (tiered based on MGR) + $100 free every month


Battlefield Poker

(Prima / Microgaming network)

60% total-

30% thru us plus 30% from battlefield. 100% up to $1000.00


CAKE Poker

33% -

100% up to $500 bonus

deposited monthly directly into your cake poker account.


By joining through our program, you will receive up to 60% of the rake that you pay, back, in CASH, every month !

pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator
Send us an email be sure to let us know the room/program you are interested in joining.
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