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"The Rake" is simply the fee that poker rooms charge for running the poker game. The  poker room, or "house", automatically removes this fee from each pot during the course of every game of poker that is played.

Poker sites typically  take 5% of every

hand/pot that is played...

The max taken from each pot in most cases is $3.00.
This fee is commonly referred to as "The Rake".

We recommend Full Tilt Poker Accounts because we expect Full Tilt to become MORE of a "fish tank".

FullTilt 27% Rakeback
If you take advantage of this offer now, you will be locked into the 27% rakeback.

PLUS get the 100% deposit bonus of up to $600.00.

This is the highest advertised Rakeback that you can get through FullTilt period, No need to look elsewhere


Where do WE fit in to this?

The poker rooms pay us a portion of the rake to bring in new players, we are an "affiliate", a paid marketer. WE in turn take the majority of what we are paid by the rooms and return it to the player in the form of rakeback.


pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator

Are YOU getting RakeBack yet?

You should be...

Online poker has grown from just a cursory pastime to a career for many players.  Even if you are not a fulltime pro, you should consider a RakeBack program.  Bankroll management is a necessary skill that all successful players have and utilize.

Understanding, and having access to RakeBack is an essential part of online play.  The simple fact is you are passing up free money if you don't participate. Rakekiller, and can help you become a member of the most reputable and reliable rakeback system on the planet.

If you are ready to learn more, click on one of the room banners in the right hand column to open a pre-addressed email and drop us a note. OR, You can email us here (tell us which room/rate you are interested in) as well. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the system or send you an invitation with full instruction to join a room. Remember, if you already have an account with one of these rooms, we cant help YOU. BUT... we can always sign-up a friend or family member to take advantage of rakeback. 

In theory, each player in the game "pays" a portion of the rake that the house takes from each pot.

Who wins, or loses the hand, or how much any individual player contributed to the actual pot is irrelevant.

For Example...
In a 6 handed game with a $3.00 rake, each players "contribution" to the rake would be .50 cents.
Tournament Entry Fees are also considered rake.
If a tourney is $10 + $1 then your buy-in is $10 and the rake is $1.

An Example of what you can earn, and receive back...
Assume you play 2 simultaneous 5/10 Dollar Limit
Holdem games a total of...

 20 hours a week.
With a 28% Rakeback ...

you would be refunded a total of...

$642.00 every month,
$7704.00 a year.

This is a mild return compared to some

of our players actual numbers.


We have one player who receives back between

$3000.00 - $4000.00 in rakeback from FullTilt alone.... PER MONTH !

Try your own calculations at


You won't find better rakeback deals anywhere... because we work for and our system is managed by one of the biggest rakeback programs anywhere...Rakeupdate. There is no need for concern as to how legitimate this system is, We are well known through-out the online poker industry. If what we tell you isn't don't play, and we don't make money.

Why give most of it back? Volume, simple as that, we make a point (1%) sometimes two, you get the rest. By offering the best rates, we attract more players. We can offer the best rates BECAUSE of the sheer volume of players that we bring to the rooms...they give us a little bit more than they would any normal affiliate, that is our edge. You make a lot, we make a little.



100% up to $500 Free + 15-30% Cash back

pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator

What are the steps to get started?

Our landing page allows you to sign-up for any or all the rooms listed here... and contains an explanation of the simple three-step process or click any banner to email us

Rooms and Rates:


27% + up to $600 bonus


    30% + 111% BONUS up to $1100.00


    30% + 150 % Bonus

+ up to $500 added

28% + 110% up to $500


  (Prima / Microgaming network)

30%+ 100% up to $1000.00


  33%+100% to $500 bonus

30% + Current site bonus

30%+ current site bonus

 (boss network)

27% + 150% to $600 Bonus


25% loyalty bonus


pokerrakebackcalculator pokerrakebackcalculator
Send us an email be sure to let us know the room/program you are interested in joining.
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